IIRIS-137 Halogenador para uso doméstico

IIRIS-137 Halogenador para uso doméstico

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Technical info

– Portable halogenerator
– Convenient membrane buttons control
– Provides different levels of dry salt aerosol concentration
– Particle size 0,1 – 4 μm which enables the particles to go deep into the respiratory tract
– IIRIS-137 halogenerator can be installed inside the salt cabin or tent; it is portable
– Ideal for private use and for home use
– The voltage inside the salt generator is 12 V
– Consumes less than 5g of salt per session (5 g moisture proof salt baggies can be provided)
– Measurements: 26 x 17.5 x 18 cm; weight 2.5 kg
– Warranty 24 months


In 2019, IIRIS-137 halogenerator and IIRIS-138 halogenerator are being developed and updated in cooperation with European Union Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Estonia. Project takes place in 2019 and in result, the new and even more user friendly device IIRIS-138 will be released. Both devices will get simple, contemporary and easy electronic solution.