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New in 2017 – IIRIS-77

We have a new halogenerator in sale – IIRIS-77! This halogenerator has factory tuned settings which means even more time-saving and comfort for the operator! Read more from HERE


The first salt room in Saudi Arabia!

IIRIS team has finished the first salt room in exotic Saudi Arabia! This salt room has a salt cave imitation with the view to the sea. The owner is Physio Care clinic. Check here some photos: Photo 1Photo 2 .


News from Australia

Australia Sunrise News released a great introduction about salt therapy. Watch the video here:


IIRIS-63 & 83 – new halogenerators in IIRIS-family!

This year, we have released two new and modern halogenerator – IIRIS-63 & IIRIS-83. What makes these generators unique, is the fact that you can install them both inside or outside the salt room. In other words – they are universal! IIRIS-63 has a familiar, widely used and simple keyboard (like IIRIS-36). IIRIS-83 is the plastic version of our stainless-steel model IIRIS-38 – it also has a  large touch screen and all the same features. Price is competitive. See below some photos and read more about these products HERE. Don’t hesitate to send us product inquiry now: or

IIRIS-63_sait  IIRIS-71_1_web IIRIS-83_1 (2)_web


2.04.2015: Introduction of our salt therapy method!

IIRIS Salt therapy method has been in use all over the world. For more than 10 years, we have sold halogenerators all over the world and we continue to get new clients & partners on a regular basis. Why we are successful? Why the research with IIRIS halogenerators has shown so positive effects on people with respiratory diseases, skin problems and weak immune system? Read the detailed introduction of our salt therapy method HERE


Соляная камера пещера  Россия
The newest IIRIS salt room in Russia



Worth its Salt – the New Indian Express

Salt therapy is really making its way into newspapers in India! Yet another article, this time in “New Indian Express” on 14th June 2014. Author Isak Dinesen said, “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” Taking a cue from Dinesen’s age old statement, a new version of halotherapy/salt therapy is here in India, only this is minus the sea and tears. Continue the reading from HERE


Salt therapy in Middle East: Emirates

The first Salt Cave SPA in Emirates! The BIGGEST man-made salt cave; equipped with IIRIS salt aerosol generator. Watch the clip in the official Emirates news


Salt therapy experience in India

On 21 May an interesting article was published in DNA India:“Salt therapy healing many an ailment.” The article introduces several testimonials from people who got great relief from salt therapy. Dr KP Loknath Kumar, the owner of Respicare India, explains how it works and why salt therapy is so effective. Respicare uses IIRIS salt aerosol generators. Download the article from our blog, click HERE


A unique, never-yet-seen salt room in Russia!

Check the photos of this unique, white state-of-the-art salt room in Russia! Hemisphere shape, works on the basis of IIRIS-60. Installed in a SPA-center.


Salt therapy and sports recovery

Read some interesting findings about salt therapy and sports recovery in Australia by Salts of the Earth. “As salt therapy aids in the relief from inflammation in the airways, the players have found salt therapy to shorten recovery time, allowing them to get back on track as soon as possible.”
Read more


First Salt room in Rehabilitation centre Zagreb, Sloboština

First Salt room opened in Rehabilitation centre Zagreb, Sloboština in November 2013 click here to READ the full story


Why Salt Works for Respiratory, Skin Disorders ?

Sodium chloride (NaCl), more commonly known as salt, is found in abundance in nature and is without a doubt the most frequently used condiment around the globe. Read how salt can be successfully used to relieve many health concerns including respiratory and skin disorder: READ#


What is “salt therapy”? a journey…

This article presents a journey of an asthmatic person to find the right cure and to lower the medications intake. After going through the whole shopping list of different therapies such as pilates, acupuncture etc she finally found salt therapy: READ


An interesting review from Tuzla salt lakes and our lecture about salt therapy

Read an interesting review about our representative’s and partners’ visit to Tuzla salt lakes in Bosnia Herzegovina and their halotherapy lecture HERE


Salt therapy tried by sportsmen

It is known that salt therapy enhances lung capacity and reduces inflammation of the respiratory tract. For this reason, the players from FC Hawks in Australia went on to try what good effects salt therapy can have on their players. Read more from here


Informative salt therapy article in Daily Newspaper

Today, after some time, yet another article about salt therapy was published in the biggest Estonian daily newspaper, the Postman (Postimees). The article is so far the best explanation of the “Estonian model” of implementing the salt therapy. By far, it’s one of the most successful models. The point is that salt therapy is used as a supporting therapy, besides other therapies. And it’s successful this way, thus also supported by the Health Insurance Fund. Read the English translation from
THIS LINK room doesnt replace the drugs_PM 27.03.2013.pdf

Go to original article


Visit us at Professional Beauty 2013 in London!

IIRIS Salt Therapy will be present at Professional Beauty 2013 in London! We will make a presentation on 24 February at 15:25-15:55. You are welcome to visit us! You can pre-arrange a meeting with us by contacting us already now:
Our partner at the exhibition: Finders Health Ltd, &
More about the exhibition:


Salt therapy success story in Australia

Salt therapy as a method of providing relief to asthma, allergies, dermatitis and many other ailments has now spread across the world. Here’s a story how it entered Australia and became popular there. “A salt of the earth entrepreneur” is an interview with Mr David Lindsay. READ the article!


About salt therapy’s effects on electrolytes and fluids balance

Read more about how salt therapy can relieve common side effects of oral corticosteroids such as medrol and prednisolone:


New product in sale!

Check the newest product in IIRIS-family: IIRIS-60! Beautiful & fully plastic body, feeder and mill! Click for more info


News from the Mystic fair in Croatia!

From 19 to 23 September, a grandiose fair “MYSTIC” (Int’l Fair of Alternative & Healthy Lifestyle and Border Areas of Science) was held in Zagreb, Croatia. Beneficial qualities of SALT were introduced in three presentations. Connection was made between salt and homeopathy. READ MORE


Salt Therapy at the children’s clinic in Croatia

Since November 2011, IIRIS salt cocoon has been in use in Helena children’s clinic in Croatia. Doctors and parents have followed the effects of salt therapy in case of 30 children who have tried it so far. Many parents have come wondering whether the salt cocoon can alleviate their children’ health conditions? Whether it can bring relief?

The preliminary examinations show very good effects in case of various dermatological & respiratory conditions. Check this video to learn more about the IIRIS salt cocoon at Helena clinic.
(Don’t forget to turn-on the subtitles if they don’t turn on automatically!!)

In Estonia, salt therapy is recognized as the part of the rehabilitation cycle and in case of asthma, it is supported by the National Health Fund.


Salt rooms in children facilities

This spring, another salt room in a kinder garden. This time, a kinder garden “Pingviin” (The Penguin) in Narva, Estonia. Read further


Salt therapy has reached the Caribbean islands!

Read the interview with our representative in Trinidad & Tobago! Salt cabin has been in Trinidad & Tobago for 6 months now and people are pleased to experience its positive effects!
Our representative in Caribbean:
CariBreeze Wellness SPA
868-392-1760, 487-1626, 222-9804


Salt cocoon was presented at Estonian National TV (ETV)

Salt cocoon was presented at Estonian National TV morning programme on 24.01.2012. The video describes what are the salt cocoons and why they are good. Salt cocoon gives the same effects as the salt room – it aims to offer salt therapy via the dry salt aerosol. But it is private, compact and small. It fits to smaller spas, clinics, rehabilitation centers and beauty salons.
Fitting salt cocoons to beauty salons is a new trend. Salt therapy has very good effects on skin and it invigorates natural beauty.
Thanks to the innovation project with Tartu University in Estonia, the salt cocoon can offer stable salt aerosol concentrations within the range most effective to people and their health problems.


Ancient therapy revamped

Salt therapy is gaining massive popularity with special treatment rooms being set up to help those suffering from a range of medical conditions…check this video clip or read the text to learn how salt therapy can provide relief to people with different health problems.


How the salt therapy can help you

On 3 January 2012, the Salt therapy room in Bondi Junction, Sydney was at A Current Affair. The benefits of salt therapy were introduced to the wider public – to know and to learn if salt therapy can really provide relief and to whom. WATCH THEVIDEO


New salt room in “Haraka kodu”, Estonia (2011)

Haraka kodu or Home of a magpie is a home for young people with severe intellectual disabilities. We are happy that IIRIS can now provide help to these youngsters with our salt room! Photos of the salt room:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3



IIRIS is proud to present new generators: Iiris-36, Iiris-37 ANDIiris-38 !


Iiris is now on Facebook

Join the Iiris Salt Therapy Group on Facebook

New representatives in South Africa and Turkey!

Iiris salt therapy got two new representatives this month:
1) Republic of South Africa read also on Facebook
2) Turkey see also their web page


New salt room cluster in Ireland

New salt room cluster will be open very soon in Malahide, Dublin. This cluster also offers the possibility to try out the salt cocoon

TV interview in Israel

TV interview with our representative in Israel – a discussion about the effect of salt therapy on breathing problems and salt therapy possibilities in Israel.


New representatives in Mexico and Australia

We are proud to announce that we have new representatives of Iiris halotherapy equipment in Australia and Mexico


New salt room & pictures in our gallery

In our gallery, it’s possible to see 2 new photos of an interestng Iiris salt room in Romania,

This salt room is located in str. Martir Cernaianu, nr 17A, Timisoara, Romania


New representatives in Ireland and Romania

We now have new representative in Ireland and Romania now.


Article in New Straits Times, “Breathe Easier with Salt Therapy”

Recently, New Straits Times published an article about salt therapy called Breathe Easier with Salt Therapy.

Besides introducing the salt therapy, it also draws references to Dr Jit’s salt room in Malaysia at the MY-Life Centre. Dr Jit is our rerepsentative in Malaysia.


Our first representative in Malaysia

We have a representative in Malaysia now, Dr Jit Singh.


New products coming very soon

New products coming very soon – Iiris-36, Iiris-138, and Iiris-38! The Iiris-38 will be one of the most advanced Iiris products.