Our concept

Salt therapy is a unique and effective method of health improvement and prophylactics. It provides relief to various allergic diseases, respiratory ailments and skin problems. It also gives vibrant and youthful look to the skin.
The method has been successfully practiced in hundreds of IIRIS salt rooms and salt cocoons all over the world.

Salt therapy sessions are offered in IIRIS salt rooms, salt cocoons, salt therapy clusters or centers. The most important element of the salt room is the IIRIS dry salt aerosol generator

There are more than 2000 units of IIRIS salt aerosol generators all over the world which successfully operate in SPAs, HOTELS & RESORTS, NURSERIES, FITTNESS CLUBS, BEAUTY SALONS, PRIVATEHOMES etc.

During the salt-therapy session (10-60 minutes), the patients sit comfortably in the salt room (salt cave) or salt cocoon, where the microclimate which is similar to the natural salt cave provides relief to their health concerns and brings balance to their facial skin.

Before the beginning of the session, the operator chooses the regime of operation of the IIRIS salt generator (halogenerator) and starts the session. During the session, it is possible to see the salt aerosol concentration in a real time. The machine automatically controls lights and ventilation.

Salt room in Germany