Our development

Today, IIRIS salt therapy has a number of representatives and our name has spread to many countries around the globe. This has allowed us to develop our products, to widen the volume of our business, and to formulate policies providing our clients with the best support and quality of work.

The efforts of our Research & Development team provide the state of the art equipment with the following characteristics:

  • The most effective dry salt aerosol generation capability (non-stop regime of operation)
  • Competitive prices + efficient and modern technology
  • Superior flexibility. Our universal dry salt aerosol generators are suitable for salt therapy rooms ranging from 2 m2 (22,24 sqFt) to 25 m2 (278 sqFt) while our Salt Cocoons are compact and easily relocated. It is possible to choose between 6 different therapy regimes depending on what the patient needs.
  • Guaranteed worry-free operation for 24 months.


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