Halogenerator IIRIS-83 (touch screen)

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The Halogenerator   “IIRIS – 83” with  detailed  indication

The   Halogenerator  “Iiris-83” is  the halogenerator that is designed  for  the use in salt  caves  (salt rooms, salt chambers)  and  recommended  for  the  prophylactics of allergies,  asthma,  bronchitis, dermatitis, colds, coughs,    e.t.c.


  • 36-months warranty period
  • the  settings  are  extremely  simple  thanks   to   a  big  touch  screen
  • it is recommended for the use in the salt rooms of any sizes from 7m2 to 45m2 (12m3 – 100m3)
  • it shows the  approximate salt aerosol concentration in  real time  during the  session
  • the  desirable concentration of the salt aerosol is provided thanks to the regulation by  the capacity  of the  salt,   coming    from  the  generator to the space  of  the known  dimensions
  • salt aerosol consists mainly of particles within 0.5-10 microns
  • the generator can be installed both inside or outside the salt room
  • the  outgoing stream of the salt aerosol is continuously visible thanks to the blue LED light
  • doesn’t have problems  of  corrosion due to fully plastic body (made from the medical plastics)
  • high reliability,   simplicity of  service   and  high class

Technical information

  • automatic  dry  salt-aerosol  generator  with   a  touch screen control panel
  • the mechanical board consists of  3 easily replaced  blocks ( feeder;  mill;  fan)
  • the  device consists the programmed HiTec electronic block, Memory, Control Board, e.t.c.
  • Needs  about 30 – 200 g  dry  salt  per session  of  15 – 90 min
  • Provides 6 levels of salt therapy in  range  of  0,5 – 15 mg/m3
  • The electrical source:  230 – 220 V (AC); 110 V (AC), the working voltage is  12V (DC)
  • Can control 3 outside circuits (periphery): lights and ventilators (less, than 800W)
  • Power consumption without any periphery:   less than 50W
  • The dry salt-aerosol is permanently blown („non-stop“)  into the salt therapy room
  • Height 500, width 350, depth 250 mm;
  • Weight 12,5  kg
  • Warranty: 2 years