Salt Room construction

Salt Room construction

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Indium Top has experience in salt room construction since 1998 (salt rooms are also known as salt chambers or salt caves). Our company trained builders or representatives offer the salt room construction service which takes approximately 8-14 days and the labor of 1-3 skilled construction experts.

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Technical info

Depending on style, the salt room or salt cave construction usually consists of following steps:

  • First Stage
    – Takes about 4 days and includes all preparatory as well as construction work before the salt is applied to the surfaces (installation of doors, ventilation channels, wiring, covering the walls and ceiling with dry wood-boards and metal net)
  • Second Stage
    – Takes 4 days and includes the application of quadruple layers of salt to all surfaces.
  • Third Stage
    – Takes 1-2 days and includes the installation of devices, testing and training.