Efeitos curativos

Efectos curativos

Based on studies, the salt rooms are highly suitable for asthmatics. Influence of salt therapy results in the secretion of sputum and reduction or total disappearance of dyspnea.
The micro-particles of salt aerosol destroy bacteria and fungi on mucosa and at the same time, strengthen the immune system. Therefore, children who have received salt therapy sessions have stronger health and do not fall ill so often as others.
The salt therapy also brings metabolic balance to our bodies and skin. Fluids will run normally, there will be proper amount of electrolytes and pH is at the right level. Facial skin will look younger and extra fresh already after 4 sessions.
The micro-particles of salt also relieve mucus edema – sneezing stops, congestion in the nose disappears, and rhinitis is relieved or totally disappears.
Sometimes one starts coughing more after the salt therapy session. This does not mean that his/her health has worsened. Quite the contrary – it is a sign of upcoming recovery. In other words, the respiratory tract gets clean in an accelerated mode.
Salt aerosol is also good for the nervous system. It relieves stress, induces sleeping and lessens the anxiety.
Besides, the salt therapy helps to get rid of various dermatological problems, as salt destroys bad bacteria on the skin.
Salt rooms have beneficial effect on people affected with: * asthma * long acute diseases of the upper airways * chronic diseases of the airways * chronic pharyngitis * chronic tonsillitis or inflammation of the tonsils * chronic maxillary sinusitis * chronic inflammation of the pharyngeal tonsil * bronchitis which has persisted longer than two weeks * chronic bronchitis * relapsing bronchitis and pneumonia * chronic and acute otitis * frequent viral infections * polinosis or hay rhinitis * atopic dermatitis * psoriasis * putrid dermal infection
Contraindications: * Severe hypertension * Relapsing and massive bleeding of any kind * Blood diseases in acute stage * Acute stage of respiratory diseases * Severe chronic respiratory failure * Active tuberculosis * Mental disorders and all kinds of drug addiction * Malignant diseases * Intoxication * Cachexia * Pregnancy (insufficient studies) * Internal diseases in decompensation * Spitting blood * Cardiac insufficiency
In case of suspicion whether salt therapy suits for you, it is necessary to consult your doctor.


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