IIRIS-136 Halogerador

IIRIS-136 Halogerador

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Technical info

– Portable halogenerator
– Provides 3 pre-set regimes of operation
– Provides 3 levels of salt-aerosol concentration (1-16mg/m3)
– Allows manual adjustments depending on client’s wishes (strong and weak concentrations etc)
– Provides the salt particles mostly within the range of 0,3-10microns
– IIRIS-136 halogenerator is installed inside or outside the salt room (maximum 5m2 / 64 sq ft)
– Especially suited for smaller rooms and Salt Cocoons
– The voltage inside the halogenerator is 12V & power not more than 50W
– Measurements: 335 x 235 x 265 mm
– Location of the power adapter: on the side
– 24 months warranty; spare parts, service and support globally


IIRIS-136 halogenerator is manufactured since 2008. It is a dry salt aerosol generator that has undergone several studies & design improvements. It has also participated in scientific research. Today, IIRIS-136 halogenerator can be found in numerous SPAs all over the world. It is ideal for home application because it is portable and very easy to use. There is no need to install it on the wall – just plug it in and start using!

A good solution of IIRIS-136 home application is the Salt Therapy Tent. IIRIS-136 salt generator is also included to salt cocoons and salt cabins. It can offer dry salt aerosol concentrations depending on your wish (strong and weak). The majority of salt aerosol particles is within the range of 0,3 – 10 microns.