RESEARCH at Helena children clinic, Croatia

In December 2011, three motivated parties got together to discuss the possibilities of the first official halotherapy research on children. Those parties were:

  • IIRIS Salt Therapy equipment manufacturers
  • Natalis Samobor (representative of IIRIS equipment in Croatia)
  • „Helena“ children clinic and its doctors, especially Dr G. Gunek Mačukat.

The aim of the research was to monitor the influence of halotherapy on children with asthma, pollinosis, recurrenot obstructive bronchitis,atopic dermatitis, secretion otitis, recurrent laryngitis and chronic rhinitis. In total, 73 childrenwere monitored (5 month – 18 years).

Research method: Salt therapy in salt cocoon and in salt room

Machines used: IIRIS-136 and IIRIS-35 dry salt aerosol generators

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