Halogenerator IIRIS-77 (NEW!)

salt generator picture

NEW!! Halogenerator IIRIS – 77

Halogenerator “Iiris–77”  is the dry salt aerosol generator that is designed  for  the use in salt  rooms (salt caves, salt chambers) for prevention of allergies,  asthma,  bronchitis, dermatitis, colds, coughs  etc.

It can be used in SPAs,   hotels,  schools,  wellnes salons, gyms, nurseries, etc. The dry salt aerosol moves to the salt room in a constant flow. The activated salt particles of 1-10 microns size will reach the patients,  especially their mucous membranes and skin cells.

Technical information

  • the control panel of the halogenerator consists of 3 buttons  with  colored  signal lights
  • provides 6 different levels of dry salt aerosol concentration (salt therapy intensity levels)
  • the stream of salt aerosol is enlightened by the blue LED lamp
  • the optimum microclimate inside the salt room is guaranteed for following sizes and thanks to unique method of IIRIS-77: 4-8 m2 (8-16m3); 9-15 m2 (18-30m3); 18-30 m2 (36-60m3)
  • the  session duration is  usually  fixed  by  value  of  40 min,  but  the  shorter  durations can also be chosen
  • the duration  of  the  salt room`s  airing,  which  is compulsory  before the  each  session, is  usually  fixed  by  a  value  of  10 min
  • Iiris-77 consumes medical salt with 0.5 mm particles. The consumption of  the “Pharmasalt”  per session  is  about  70-250g, depending on salt therapy intensity level
  • the halogenerator  has  a  timer  and  3 sockets  of  the  periphery circuits for  an automatic  control  of ventilators and lighting .
  • Iiris-77 consists of  3  easily  replaced  blocks : feeder;  mill  and  a  fan,  which  are  unified  with  other articles  of  plastic “Iiris”  halogenerators
  • the  generator  can be installed  on a wall outside of the salt  room
  • power supply: 230V (AC); 110 V (AC), power is up to 50 W (without periphery) and up to 800 W with periphery.
  • dimensions: height 570mm; width 370mm; depth 200mm.
  • weight 12,0 kg.
  • warranty 36 months.